Our game, Fragments is a two-dimensional side-scrolling action role-playing game. In our game, Player takes control of main character to explore and fight. The main goal in each level is to eliminate all enemies and then proceed to next level. Player can use various spells through combo system. Combinations of magical attacks are triggered by attacking enemies continuously. Different tracks of combo may serve different functions, and player may leverage these differences to deal with different enemies under different situations.

The character growth is intended to be a little different from typical experience point pattern. Our main character is designed to be a well-educated and talented sorceress's apprentice, so instead of growth by learning new spells, Our witch grows by mastering the combos. By mastering it means that, player may choose to change the form of a certain combo of spells, or to strengthen a certain combo of spells, in a per-level manner.

Elements & Magics

Background Story

Fragments is set on a fictional continent of Walania. There are several countries across the continent, with different government types and religions. Among them, the most powerful one named Kingdom of Kronburg, had been trying to conquer lands from surrounding countries and unify the continent. Several years prior to the game's events, the kingdom was defeated by the coalition of several other countries.

Our story takes place in the fragile peace guaranteed by the truce, when main character Avila the Sorceress's Apprentice, is appointed by her master to take on an investigation secretly. The task is to find and collect fragments of a sacred gem, named Harvest of Iduna. It is believed to be a gift from Iduna, Goddess of Harvest. During the adventure, Avila gradually learns the secret behind the fragments, and even more secrets behind the religion of twelve goddesses. This is the driving force of the main plot, and the player will be able to push the plot as Avila in different directions.

Our team

FRAGMENTS is a class project for CSCI526 (Advanced Mobile devices and Game Consoles) at USC.

Jibiao Shen

Lead Programmer

Yuchen Yan

Lead Visual Designer

Tian Xie

UI System

Yuxin Zhou

Monster Module

Xuehui Zhu

Sound Effects